Success Stories & Testimonals

Success Stories

John - John came from a running background, with little experience in swimming and biking. Within three years of working with Wilson Coaching Group, he qualified for and competed in the World Long Course Championships in Denmark, finishing in 8th place out of 36 competitors in his age group. He has reduced his Half IM time by over an hour, and this year will compete in his first Ironman race.

Peggy - Peggy took up triathlon at the age of 72 years young. During our time together, she has won her age group multiple times in regional and national events, culminating with representing the U.S. at the World Short Course Championships in Portugal & Spain. She is currently just getting back into training due to a long term injury but will be racing at the USAT Nationals in St. Louis.


Eric Wilson - Member of the Canadian Full Contact Karate Team:

"When I engaged Graham’s services as a conditioning coach, what impressed me immediately was how committed he was to my success. He invested a great deal of time determining exactly what my needs were, and tailored a program to meet those needs. The end result? In several years of competition, I have never achieved such high levels of fitness. I completely recommend his services to anyone who wants to achieve their highest levels of fitness.

Peggy Gudbrandsen:

Graham Wilson saved my life. He gave me HIS wetsuit to wear in 55 degree water at a Triathlon. He swam right beside me, not worrying about his own time. Graham is the most thoughtful, encouraging, inspiring coach and man I have ever known.


Coach Graham, Well, He just gets it. He gets that I have other obligations such as family, work, etc and precious few hours to dedicate to working out. He gets it, me that is, he just knows where I am physically and mentally. My goals are our goals and he just knows what I need to accomplish them. Graham is easy to talk to or ask questions, however, does not accept BS and keeps me accountable. My athletic abilities have soared with his coaching and I know I'll continue to improve - getting fitter, faster and healthier. He has become a dear friend, always there to support me, I find myself striving for his "good job" or "You Rock"! Graham is a great coach, best coach I've ever known. I welcome your contact with any questions.


Graham has been my coach for many years and has helped me reach my goals in 3 marathons and from sprint triathlons through half ironman distances. He set up an individualized plan that helped me succeed and progress to a balanced athlete. His knowledge of exercise physiology and nutrition allows him to solve problems in training and races. Graham has had a lot of personal success in triathlon and many other sports and shares those experiences to make you a better athlete. Graham is a great coach because he wants you to succeed and have fun, which is why a lot of us do triathlons.


I benefit from working with Graham because his coaching style perfectly meets my needs. He provides weekly workout (designed individually for each athlete) and allows us to complete them. Weekly phone consultations address progress, challenges and questions and periodic testing tracks progress. I’ve never met anyone as knowledgeable in triathlon, and Graham energetically shares his expertise. We plan goals, races and work towards physically ‘peaking’ for A races. He has patience with athletes of varying abilities, but make no mistake; Graham is a competitor and a racing animal. Recently winning is AG at a race in Wisconsin. His vast racing experience and training expertise make him more than capable of pushing the most elite of athletes. I would be happy to answer further questions about Graham’s coaching style.