For over 25 years, the Wilson Coaching Group, led by Graham Wilson, has been dedicated to helping athletes achieve their full potential. Whether you’re an elite competitor or a new participant, competing in single or multi-sport events, the Wilson Coaching Group will help you achieve your goals – and have fun in the process. We build individualized plans for you based upon your goals, needs, expectations, and outside limitations (you know, those little things like work and family). During the training journey, you’ll be challenged to go that extra mile, with the Wilson Coaching Group providing guidance, focus and inspiration along the way. We incorporate classic periodization (breaking the year down into distinct phases) into all of our plans to ensure you reach your peak prior to all your “A” (most important) races, and don’t waste your time churning out junk miles in the pool or on the road. Call or email today to take the next step and achieve your full potential as an athlete.

Training Plans

Our training plans are comprehensive and include one-on-one coaching and personally designed programs based on the athlete and their goals. To learn more about our training plans and our coaching process click the link below.

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About Graham

Graham Wilson has been racing and coaching multisports for over 25 years. He has competed in over 300 triathlons worldwide as a top age-group triathlete, frequently gaining a podium spot and consistently finishing in the 5 within his group.

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Our Athletic Questionnaire

Interested in getting started with your training? The first step in training with the Wilson Group is to fill out our athletic questionnaire which helps us analyze your strengths, limitations and potential to develop.

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Qualified to Train

The Wilson Group is confident in our ability to train athletes at the highest level and our qualifications back that up. Graham is certified as a USAT Elite Level III Coach and is currently Chair of the USAT National Coaches Commission.

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